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Navigation Service Gruppi Isole Borromee

Would you like to organize a motor-boat tour to discover the Borromean Islands and Lake Maggiore?
Great idea! Our navigation service  for groups is what you need!


Discover our boating service designed specifically for groups

Gruppisoleborromee is a pubblic boating service for lake Maggiore and Borromean islands offering a motor-boat tour designed specifically for groups of tourists, schools…
Compared to the standard navigation system, you will have the chance to tailor-make your experience, choosing the departure point, the islands where you wish to stay longer, hire a boat just for you.

Why visit the Borromean islands and lake Maggiore?


“Nothing in the world can compare to the charm of these days spent on the lakes” Stendhal

Every year the archipelago in the gulf of lake Maggiore is a destinatin chosen by millions of tourists from all over the world.
The so called Borromeo’s pearls are three islands and an islet:
isola Madre, isola Bella, isola Pescatori and the rock called La Malghera, also known as the lovers’ islet.
Every place is special, with a history that goes back to old Italian and European culture.
Our navigation service for Borromee islands is the ideal solution for a special trip where you can enjoy the passion for art, history, culture and also spend a nice day immersed in nature.
Start dreaming now!

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See our most beautiful pictures of Lake Maggiore, Borromee Islands and our navigation service for groups

Famous Testimonials

The rain stopped and the wind drove the clouds so that the moon shone through and looking back I could see the long dark point of castagnola and the lake with white-caps  and beyond the moon on the high snow mountains.


The soul is frequently surprised because it cannot reconcile what it sees with what it has seen. There is in Italy a great lake which they call the Greater Lake ; it's a little sea, the banks of which shew nothing but what is wild, fifteen miles in the lake there are two islands, a quarter of a mile in circumference, which they call the Borromees,  which is, in my opinion, the most enchanting abode in the world. The mind is astonished aat the romantic contrast, and recalls with pleasure the wonders of romance where, after having passed over the rocks and barren countries, you find yourself in fairy land.


The most important yours!

Lake Maggiore and its islands give everybody special emotions to remember forever.

Lake Maggiore and the Borromee Islands

Discover lake Maggiore, the lakeside towns and the Borromee islands, beautiful landscapes that inspired many artists throughout the centuries, who praised its unrivalled beauty.

Lago Maggiore Zipline

An emotional experience that runs on a cable in a beautiful corner of the world.
Immersed in the green scenery of the Terre Alte (High Lands), looking onto Lake Maggiore, choose your preferred style and fly in total safety at over 120km/h (75 mph), feeling the thrill of the wind and discover new emotions.
A steel cable long 1.850 m (2.020 yards), a drop of 350 m (380 yards), 90 seconds of pure excitement that gives you the sensation of the nose diving flight of the falcon or of a swallow dancing in the sky. A unique experience to try again and to communicate to others.
Location convenient and easy to get to
Starting from Pian d’Arla you arrive to Alpe Segletta in the splendid Intrasca Valley that surrounds the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, located above Verbania.
You can make it easily by car from Milan in 90 minutes, and in less than 1 hour from the International airport of Malpensa.
After parking and collecting the harness, a comfortable shuttle service will take you to the take off position… safety latch on, 3 – 2 – 1 you are flying!

After having admired the wonderful Borromeo Isles with the luxurious palaces and charming gardens, let be tempted by a thrilling adventure of a flight on Lago Maggiore Zipline.
At the booking office of the motor-boat service, remember to ask for the booking voucher, then follow the printed instructions and you can claim a discount of 10% on the full cost of the flight on the Lago Maggiore Zipline.

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